Your 2013 BIG RED Recognition Choices Are…

This process was cut from the fabric of this music community. Your peers and fans nominated you (the musician) and you put out the word for those same people to cast their opinion forth on the survey. I had little to nothing to do with this aside from setting up a survey for that information to be entered into and then typing these results into a blog post. I mean it when I say I hate calling the below list the “winners” because I truly feel what makes OUR music community so much more unique and special than other regions is the support and love that we have throughout it. So, ‘your choices’, yeah, winners, yeah they are that too, but so aren’t all of the folks nominated and all the folks who voted and did the nominating.

Every single one of you reading this is amazing (especially all the wonderful musicians who were a part of this thing). I was able to truly realize how much I completely and wholeheartedly love this town and the music scene within based on the conflicting feelings of how much I wanted to release the results and let people know vs. not wanting to post it because I wanted everyone on the list to be chosen and celebrated. This community really means the world to me.

I don’t really have much else to say, except here it is and thank you all for supporting local music, it’s the best damn thing this world has going.

Keep on keepin’ on,

Your friendly neighborhood Red Line Roots

P.S. Still up in the air if we will have an ‘official’ gathering to celebrate. I definitely want to put together a Red Line presents kind of show in the future, but when that will happen is TBD.

Favorite Local Female Songwriter

Danielle Miraglia
Favorite Local Male Songwriter –

Ian Fitzgerald
Favorite Local Picker: Guitar -Literally, down the the exact same number of votes with all of the votes that came in…we have a dead on tie (only time this happened) for your favorite local picker and those gents are:

Andy Cambria

Mark Kilianski
Favorite Local Picker: Banjo

Maggie Mackay
Favorite Local Picker: Mandolin

Joe Walsh

Favorite Local Fiddler

Eva Walsh
Favorite Local “Too much (or never enough) twang” guitarist

Duke Levine
The Multi-player

Dinty Child–Individual_Photo-slash-Bios&display=25&page=bio

Favorite Local Bad Ass Rock n Rollers

Ryan Fitzsimmons Band
Favorite Local Roots Americana Act

The Whiskey Boys
Favorite Local Duo

Ian Fitzgerald and Courtney Gallagher
Best Local Roots Music Venue

Club Passim
Best Local Community Residency

Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge 

The Local Unsung Hero

Tom Bianchi