Welcome Dirt Floor Recording Studios to the Family!

As much as the Locals Covering Locals project has been an amazing experience thus far, it’s certainly has taken quite a toll on me. From a planning, a budget, and a logistics standpoint it has been very trying. Organizing 11 different acts into 2 days of recording, trying to keep everything on track to remain as close to budget as possible (that ceiling was shattered quite some time ago), and knowing who to use for mastering, production, etc. And we haven’t even hit the radio campaign as of yet. Its taken a lot of my time, my energy, and quite honestly my belief in this thing.

Lead-EyeContactI reached out to the community for help and so far about 42 wonderful, generous, amazing people have helped the cause. Do I wish that number was 100, sure, but I’ll take 42 incredible people any day!

Well that number just went up another few people and I couldn’t be more excited to announce that the record will be mastered at Dirt Floor Studio in Connecticut by Steve Wytas and Eric Lichter. There are literally no words to describe the generosity that these two friends (and as Eric and I like to call our community, family) are bringing to this project. I truly cannot wait to hear this thing after they are done with it. I know they will add their very specific and excellent flavor to the songs. This is the start of a beautiful relationship, as they say.

1451979_10152198262923767_620351815_nMy short story about Dirt Floor Recording Studio: Dirt Floor is the brainchild of Eric Lichter. Eric struck out on his own when he grew weary of the over-produced, over-polished, and under-whelming records that came from other studios. We are all better for him doing so as a countless number of my favorite records have been churned out of DF since he started recording other roots type musicians. The recordings are always warm and beautiful and have that distinct mark from Dirt Floor that showcases the artist’s music in way that would have otherwise been unknown. Rich and wonderful music is constantly being exported from this great studio.

You will be hearing more about these guys in the future, but for now be sure to go check out the website for more information. Thinking about some studio work, check them out.


Oh yeah, and give them a ‘like’ while you are at it! I like them, so you should too.


Welcome to the Red Line family Dirt Floor. We love you guys!

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