First Listen Single “Indigo” by Matt Wheeler


The track begins with a distant and cavernous feeling violin crying out and a slow picked acoustic. Then a pattering along drum line gets things moving a lot a little bit more. There are very well defined and established parts contained here, separated but working in unison. I think it’s the simplicity of the components of this track that make it all work well together.


Wheeler has a soft and gentle voice. There are a few gritty parts when he sings out with some emotion and I can dig that. I think he knows where his range is, uses it to his full advantage and he makes no apologies for it. That’s something I respect in a singer- songwriter.

Matt really has a way with words. He puts poetry to music really rather than simply writing songs. Very beautiful writing throughout this one track and the greater record.

How I long to share those sunsets with you again, my love
O, indigo
But now I’ll ply these oars through this moonlit dark
O, indigo

Over all I think the track is a rather interesting listen. The parts standing on their own don’t really seem to work together, but somehow they create a sort of harmony. It has a rise and fall effect with the verses interplaying with the chorus that makes for an attention drawing kind of arrangement. It also happens to be the type of song that you can sing along to after one listen due to the repeating “ooo, oooo, oooo indigo” line. Something that I think bodes well for the songwriter.


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