Locals Covering Locals: Danielle Miraglia Covers Jenee Halstead

10325540_254838054699645_8641373416906166213_nI honestly don’t remember the very first time I met Danielle Miraglia. Every time I see her perform I am so floored by her voice, her attitude, her music that is always feels like the first time I am seeing her and meeting her. With a sound and vibe that is deeply rooted in blues…and I mean as deep as you can dig a thumb into the low E string of a vintage Gibson…she is really unlike any other solo songwriter I have seen. There aren’t many gals out there pickin’ like Robert Johnson and pounding on a giant stompbox. The rhythm, the beat, the feel. Her sound and talent is raw and emotional. Hearing her sing is a real treat, her music moves you in a way that only the blues can and is presented in a way that only a true talent could pull off.

555872_189427547907363_529608077_nDanielle also happens to be a huge supporter and advocate for the local community. She has always been a mainstay in what 6 or 7 years back I was extremely jealous of…those Camber-ville folks that I always wanted to sit around a table at the Burren and pick with, or those that always seemed to get a residency at Toad, or seemed to take home the gold at the LLOMC. Something that really impresses me about Danielle is she has all the makings and talent of a true rock star, but is one of the most grounded, kind and normal musicians in town. A sweetheart and one of the nicest folks I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with or catching mutual friends playing together. This is why I knew she would be one of the perfect artists to include on this project.

1378201_189427417907376_1151766862_nThe fact that she went ahead and chose another artist that I wanted to include on the project just further propagated the fact that she is so deeply engrained in everything that is good with the city’s musical village. She really took the whole “cover my friends” thing to heart by covering her good pal, musical comrade, and podcast co-host, Jenee Halstead (and Jenee did the same!).  Watching these two in studio was a real treat. Their treatment of each other’s songs was incredible. Pouring themselves into the song, while delicately dancing that “I really want this to be great for YOU too” line.

Danielle MiragliaListening back to the track, instrumentally, it almost sounds like there is a full band playing, but nope its just Danielle’s guitar and her stompbox. Somehow she emulates that bass rhythm and guitar lead effortlessly. A piece of wood never sounded so damn good…and the same goes for the wood underneath her feet. Stomping out the kick drum (and occasionally snare-ish sounding) beat to the song adds a whole new depth that I am extremely envious of.

Let’s just say, we made the right choice bringing these two ladies in…they managed to really nail each other’s songs and pay tribute to one another like only good friends could.