First Listen: Robert Bruey – Carousel

First Listen: Robert Bruey – Carousel

This record has hints of the Eddie Vedder “Into the Wild” sound track at times. Bruey has a very distinct voice that slowly grows on you. Somewhat gruff and sandpapered at times, its authenticity in undeniable and actually quite charming. He utilizes his voice to its full potential knows its boundaries. A smart singer. His voices melts effortlessly into his female counterparts vocal and their spin together in a delicate waltz across the various tracks.

carousel-finished-cover-small‘Fracture of a Sign’ is a standout track to me. It’s a bit delicate with a dancing, ambient guitar dotted melody. The words also ring out with some memorable lines.

And this ain’t home no more / the stairs can’t hold my weight

That’s some heavy stuff…no pun intended. But its very visually stimulating to me.

The instrumentation on the record is very well produced. There is a lot going on without it feeling like a lot going on. Effects all over the guitars. Perhaps its just the weather today while I listen to the track, but it has a very blue-gray palette to me. The cover art is also a black and white, so maybe that’s the point. The patterns and textures of the music are great for just listening for extended periods of time. Its really kind of a soothing album. A bit dreamy at times. Long car ride, lazy Friday at the office, Robert Bruey has got you covered with this record.

Bruey’s songs are illustrated by his rough and time tempered voice,  beautiful harmonies, and a building feeling throughout the tracks with subtle additions of instruments. His songs are a bit melancholy and have a sense of longing to them…stuff that I tend to eat up.


I think the record falls somewhere in the “Americana” realm. I am ok using that term this time around because I can’t quite fit the music into a smaller box. Its not necessarily folk, its not really country or roots. But its pretty damn good. I enjoyed listening to this.


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