My 5 (Current) Warmer Weather Songs

Now that the weather is getting nicer I (occasionally) let a song with a nice groove and a killer backbeat sneak into my usual list of downtrodden and gloomy listening go-tos. I figured with it supposedly going to be hotter than hell tomorrow here in the city, it was as good of a time as any to let out my current “slightly more upbeat, maybe bob your head a little and sip a Zima on your patio” songs. So without further adieu…Poulopoulos

1)      M.R. Poulopoulos “Mad in the Morn’” – A good old I IV V er from relatively new to me songwriter M.R. Poulopoulos. His voice fits in just as well on the slower jams as it does on this mid-tempo song about a night of drinking gone bad and begging for forgiveness. All the songs on this record are wonderfully arranged, but for the summertime heat I keep going back to this one.


main2)      Jesse Dee “On My Mind, In My Heart” – Jesse Dee just makes me smile. The man is a bursting ball of energy that flows out of his voice and killer guitar licks. His soulful singing and light and airy guitar work makes me want to get outside, sit on a deck overlooking the ocean or something and just enjoy life. This tune makes me just want to smile and enjoy life in the summer breeze.



CoyoteKolb3)      Coyote Kolb “Albedo” – Such a groove. The Coyote Kolb boys are always full of energy, a lot of it swampy bluesy rock energy, this is no different. Switching this tune on while driving in the late night hours home from a summer gig always keeps me up and grooving to the rhythm of the songs. Seriously, I dare you to listen to this song and not tap your toes along or fully just start bobbing your head around and feeling the music.

The_Coloradas_04)      The Coloradas “8 Ball Blues” – Oh baby that mandolin! Joe Walsh is an animal. Typically Roy and Bernie write pretty sad sounding songs, which of course I love (seriously, listen to Enid, that shit is sad and scary as shit). This song just has a kick to it. Its uptempo, but still has that Davis charm to it…sincere yet sarcastic and self deprecating at times. I didn’t know that was possible…Roy is a songwriting wizard I guess.

Joe-Fletcher-647x6505)      Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons “Drunk & Single” – this is what country music is supposed to sound like. Fletcher’s voice is that of a man who has been on the road livin’ hard times and its f***ing awesome. With the full band, twanging on the guitars, two steppin’ along to the rhythm of the bass and drums, and Joe’s story telling prowess always on point, this is one that gets me into the mood to get out and catch some live tunes.

What tunes are you all listening to now that the sun is shining and everyone is seemingly wearing far less clothing?