Workers In Songs “The Glorious Masterpiece” Album Review

Raw and unfiltered, The Glorious Masterpiece is a record right up my alley. There is a “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude to the Dannish band’s sound that is extremely refreshing. The vocals are a bit in your face, make you listen, grissled and man, I like it.

665424_521278564568983_1576121247_oDefined by some really great, hollow and cavernous guitar work and a whole mix of instruments and sounds Workers In Songs is a band that does not sound like they come from their homeland. There are country and western vibes to their music and I think that they would absolutely kill if they moved to Nashville.

There are some very catchy tunes on this record. You will latch on and sing along. There are also very smart placements of enjoyable instrumentals as well. There is a rise and fall to the record. Where the track “Billie Said It Firs” has a very songwriterish feel, with its gentle harmonies and slow picked acoustic guitar there are also barn burners like “Crazy Just for You”.

The lyric “there should be a law against the way you moves your hips, I kiss an empty bottle and I wish it was your lips” is one that strikes me and sticks. There are a number of clever and witty lines in the song that are quite memorable.

It begs some reference to a vocal that is similar to Marcus Mumford, but I don’t hate this. It’s not a bunch of banjo banging in the background, and the songs don’t all sound the same. There is a depth and consideration to these songs. There are 50s American rock n’ roll influences, there are some blues and bluegrass influences. The album as a whole is really quite varied. When the song gets louder, it’s because they are trying to emit a feeling and emotion. I don’t think this is necessarily ground breaking as far as songwriting or music goes. But its fun. Damnit, it is really fun to listen to and it makes me happy.