2014 BIG REDs Recognitions Nominees…


Well, just under 200 individual people (or at least computers) from the Northeast music community weighed in and voiced their opinion. Is this the perfect way to recognize the music community we have around town? Of course not, but I think it’s important that we have some form of recognition from our peers in the folk/roots/songwriter community in and around Camber-ville (and beyond). Before anyone goes off accusing Red of a conspiracy, know that the process is about as simple as you can make it. People take a survey, those results are pulled into a spreadsheet, counted up, and the 8 (except with Female Songwriter, with 9 as a 3 way tie occurred) names with the highest number of nominations are then considered “in the pool”. I have nothing to do with who is actually nominated except for the one nomination form I filled out of my favorite acts and then putting them here on this site…so don’t be upset with the Red.

Congrats to everyone who was recognized this year (and those not listed below as well). You all have been working your asses off and creating some wonderful music and art, making this year a truly great one. The list of folks below is just a sampling of the incredible talent we have in town and the wonderful people that make the Northeast such a hotbed for music. For making this area one of the most rich for music, I thank you a million times over.

Our big celebration will be at the Lizard Lounge on February 28th, and this year we will have plaques, or trophies, or something neat. It’s not just a celebration of the Big Red’s, but a celebration of our community in general, so I hope you all will come out and make it a big ol’ hootenany. You have the month of November to get the word out and get folks to vote! And now the voting begins… http://www.redlineroots.com/red-line-roots-big-reds-2014-4/

Favorite Local Male Songwriter

Mark Whitaker http://www.markwhitakermusic.com/

Ian Fitzgerald http://www.ianfitzgerald.com/

Will Houlihan http://hauntthehouse.bandcamp.com/

Dan Blakeslee http://danblakeslee.com/

Jake Hill http://jakehillmusic.com/

Will Dailey http://willdailey.com/

Dietrich Strause http://www.dietrichstrause.com/

Dennis Brennan http://www.dennisbrennan.com/

Favorite Local Female Songwriter

Allysen Callery http://allysencallerymusic.com/

Hayley Sabella http://hayleysabella.com/

Jenee Halstead http://www.jeneehalstead.com/

Sarah Blacker http://www.sarahblacker.com/

Danielle Miraglia http://www.daniellem.com/

Susan Cattaneo http://susancattaneo.com/

Eva Walsh http://www.evawalsh.com/

Abbie Barrett http://www.abbiebarrett.com/Home.html

Molly Pinto Madigan www.mollypintomadigan.com.

Favorite Local Rock n’ Rollers

Tigerman Woah! http://tigermanwoah.com/

Smith&Weeden https://smithandweeden.bandcamp.com/

The Blue Ribbons http://theblueribbons2.bandcamp.com/

Tallahassee http://tallahasseeband.squarespace.com/

Baker Thomas Band http://www.bakerthomasband.com/

The Silks http://www.thesilksmusic.com/

Sarah Borges http://www.sarahborges.com/

Comanchero http://www.comancheromusic.com/

Favorite Roots/Americana Act

Haunt the House http://hauntthehouse.bandcamp.com/

The Whiskey Boys http://www.whiskeyboys.com/

Spotted Tiger http://laurencescudder.com/

The Mark Whitaker Band http://www.markwhitakermusic.com/

Session Americana http://www.sessionamericana.com/

The Suitcase Junket http://www.thesuitcasejunket.com/

The Low Anthem http://www.lowanthem.com/site/

Girls, Guns and Glory http://girlsgunsandglory.com/

Favorite Local Duo

Jake Hill and Hayley Sabella (Billington Sea) http://jakehillmusic.com/ and http://hayleysabella.com/

The Meadows Brothers http://www.meadowsbrothers.com/

Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards http://www.markmandeville.com/

Steve Allain & Tracie Potochnik http://steveallain.com/ and http://www.traciepotochnik.com/

6 East http://6east.net/

Mark Whitaker and Eva Walsh  http://www.markwhitakermusic.com/ and http://www.evawalsh.com/

Ellie Buckland and Isa Burke https://www.facebook.com/ellieandisamusic

Hoot and Holler http://www.hootandhollermusic.com/#!about/cy2g


Eric Royer http://www.guitarmachine.com/

Mark Whitaker http://www.markwhitakermusic.com/

Maggie Carson http://www.spiritfamilyreunion.com/

Lukas Pool http://www.lukaspool.com/

James McIver http://www.coldchocolatemusic.com/

Charlie Rose http://www.charlierosemusic.com/

Bow Thayer http://bowthayer.com/

Grace Van’t Hoff http://www.reverbnation.com/gracevanthof

Acoustic Guitar Picker

Sam Reid http://www.reverbnation.com/samreidandtheriotact

Michael Reese http://www.chasingblueband.com/

Mark Kilianski  http://markkilianski.com/

Christopher Paul Stelling http://christopherpaulstelling.wordpress.com/

M.R. Poulopoulos http://www.rebeldarling.com/

Nate Leavitt http://nateleavittmusic.com/

David Gallagher http://www.davidgallaghermusic.com/

Stash Wyslouch http://www.stashwyslouch.com/

Favorite Local Bassist

Jim Larkin http://jimlarkin.com/

Amato Zinno https://twitter.com/AmatoZinno

Tom Bianchi http://www.24hourtom.com/

Christ Sartori https://www.facebook.com/chris.sartori.7

Sean McLaughlin  http://www.37ft.com/

Greg Loughman  http://www.gregloughman.com/_/home.html

Paul Dilley http://girlsgunsandglory.com/

Zach Hickman https://twitter.com/DrZachariah

The Twang Award ( favorite electric guitarist)

Lyle Brewer http://lylebrewer.net/

Russell Chudnofsky http://www.medfieldmakesmusic.com/russell.html

Duke Levine http://dukelevine.com/

Chris Hersch http://www.chrishersch.com/

David DeLuca http://www.youtube.com/doubledhaymakers

Seamus Weeden https://smithandweeden.bandcamp.com/

Mike Castellana  http://theblueribbons2.bandcamp.com/

Nate Leavitt http://nateleavittmusic.com/

Favorite Local Mandolinist

Aaron Goff

Rob Flax http://www.robflax.com/

Dan Bui http://www.twistedpinemusic.com/dan-bui.html

Jimmy Ryan http://jrmando.com/

Jordan Santiago https://www.facebook.com/jordan.santiago.777

Joe Walsh http://skinnyelephantmusic.com/

Greg Klyma http://klyma.com/

Sean Staples http://www.sessionamericana.com/index.php?page=bio&category=06–Individual_Photo-slash-Bios&display=24

Favorite Local Fiddler

Jess Fox http://highlanddrifters.bandcamp.com/album/highland-drifters

Eva Walsh http://www.evawalsh.com/

Laurence Scudder http://laurencescudder.com/

Katy Boc http://www.sscmusic.org/fac_boc.html

Joe Kessler https://www.facebook.com/joe.kessler.165

MorganEve Swain http://brownbird.net/the-huntress/

David Delaney http://www.whiskeyboys.com/

John Mailander http://www.johnmailander.com/

Best Supporting Role

Dinty Child www.sessionamericana.com/

Andy Santospago http://andysantospago.com/

Eva Walsh http://www.evawalsh.com/

Laurence Scudder http://laurencescudder.com/

Eric Lichter http://ericlichtermusic.bandcamp.com/

Billy Beard www.sessionamericana.com/

Tom Bianchi http://www.24hourtom.com/

Charlie Rose http://www.charlierosemusic.com/

Favorite Local Venue

Toad http://www.toadcambridge.com/

The Sinclair http://www.sinclaircambridge.com/

Club Passim http://www.clubpassim.org/

Lizard Lounge http://lizardloungeclub.com/

The Columbus http://columbustheatre.com/

Atwoods Tavern http://www.atwoodstavern.com/

The Cantab http://www.cantab-lounge.com/

Red Room @ Cafe 939 http://www.cafe939.com/

 Favorite Local Release in 2014

Mark Whitaker “Nowhere to Land” http://www.markwhitakermusic.com/

Amy Kucharik “Cunning Folk” http://www.amykucharik.com/

Will Dailey “National Throat” http://willdailey.com/

Wise Old Moon “The Patterns” http://www.wiseoldmoonband.com/

Will Houlihan “Jack Rabbit Jones” http://hauntthehouse.bandcamp.com/

Dan Blakeslee “Owed to the Tanglin’ Wind” http://danblakeslee.com/

Jess Tardy “Sky City Lullaby” http://jesstardymusic.com/

Hayley Sabella “King Solomon” http://hayleysabella.com/

Favorite Residency

Baker Thomas Band at Toad

Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge

Roots in the Round at Toad

Americana Mondays at PAs Lounge

Tim Gearan at Atwoods Tavern

Bluegrass Mondays at Atwoods

Bluegrass Pickin’ Party – Tuesdays at The Cantab

Dennis Brennan Wednesdays at Lizard Lounge

The Unsung Hero Award

Matt Smith

Tom Bianchi

Michael Panico

Shawn Schilberg

Patrick Coman

Jenn Harrington

Jon Dorn/Brewster Productions

Bryan Christopher Minto

RED’s Favorite Find of 2014 – TBD

Red Line Roots 2014 Artist of the Year – TBD