Butchers Blind New Single Forthcoming, “Thursday Girl”

Our gCoverood pals in Butchers Blind are releasing a new single on November 20th with a b side cover of a Wipers tune. I was a big fan of their 2013 “Destination Blues” and have been waiting for a follow up eagerly.

‘Thursday Girl’ has a kind of The Monkees, happy go lucky, feel and vibe to it. Song about a summertime, carefree kind of a thing. The guitar has a real build to it. There is a definite pop sentiment. Great harmonies, great musicianship, its catchy, its commercial, its pretty damn good.

There is something about the sonic quality of the B side , “Mystery” that I absolutely adore. This for me is the winner on this small release. The tone of the acoustic guitar and the cry of the steel guitar in the background tears up my heart…in a good way of course. I love how the Butcher’s Blind boys kept it clean and simple. No unnecessary added drums. Sometimes when a song just work as a modest arrangement, it doesn’t need a build, or multiple parts. I think that is a clear testament to how well the arrangement of the song worked. Engaging, but beautifully simple.