November 3rd: BUY LOCAL ART DAY

While, it may be true that November 3rd holds a special place in my own heart (it is after all the man behind the Red Line’s actual birthday) I wanted to try and pay it forward a bit. Make it less about a day where I enter into my dreaded 30s and more about recognizing local musicians and their art.

So, three weeks from today let’s all make an agreement. If you read this or if your friend’s share the info with you, lets make it “Buy Local Art Day”. A day where we agree to pay for a local, independent musician’s record, buy a print from a local artist (hint, hint Dan Blakeslee, perhaps?), or buy a band t-shirt from your favorite local rockers. Let’s be honest, we should do this everyday, but officially setting a day and spreading it around seems like a good way to make an impact. So come on, hop on the bandwagon and let’s buy some local art on November 3rd.

Seriously, 5 bucks for a download, 10 or 15 bucks for a CD, or go big and get some artwork…regardless, lets make a difference and buy some local stuff.

Here are some suggestions:

0002084247_10-obviously, a Dan Blakeslee original print make’s a great investment for the kickass-ness of your home. Do that, it will make you smile each time you look at it.

jimjameswarmsup_web(photo by Brian Lima, all rights reserved)

Brian Lima takes some incredible photos (many of my favorite yearly festival, Newport Folk). He has many great prints, you should buy one. Yup, you should. Seriously, it will make your life better, I swear it.

-Or here is another one, Bandcamp makes it easier than ever to buy music from your favorite local (or even “new to you” songwriters). To get you rolling, some of my favorites from this year so far: Hayley Sabella , Wise Old Moon , Haunt the House and Dan Blakeslee should get you started!

So, get planning, share it and on November 3rd lets all support a local artist and get something new for ourselves!