October Feature Artist: Julie Rhodes


There is always a story to be told about how you come across an artist. Most of the folks I really dig into and listen to over and over come from suggestions or other folks, you know, “word of mouth”. I heard about Jonah Tolchin through Eric Lichter. Gained a great respect for Jonah both as a musician and as a genuine and kind person. So when he sent me a link to a new project he just worked on I clicked and listened…then listened again…and again. The voice coming through on the other end had a feverous soul. There was a fire burning in the chest of that singer.

Fast forward 10 months and that person has been gigging, going out to shows, meeting people, and making a new full length record with a cast of amazing musicians. That gal is Julie Rhodes. Remember that name, because very soon it is going to be everywhere.