First Listen: Coyote Kolb “Let It Show”

I love Chadley’s playing style. It has elements of old blues pickin, but in this case it has a bouncy and has a lighter feel versus the typical swampy flavor I get from Coyote Kolb. Still, there is such a vibe and a groove to the music. It’s infectious and you can’t quit listening.

The intro has a lightweight feel for such a heavy song. It has an organic, tapey kind of a sense. It’s very natural, just moving along the road that has been set for the different. It launches into an instrumental break that climaxes the emotions spoken throughout the first half of the song moving upwards and exploding into the remaining pieces of the story in the song.

Kolb’s voice is incautious. He feels somewhat exposed in the way he has chosen to let it all out here in this song. There isn’t any over singing, it is almost a conversation or a dialogue that he is just letting out there into space.  It’s a clean sound, a cleansing feel of airing out one’s feelings in a song and its wonderful.

The song is a beautiful tribute to a lost loved one that was taken too soon. The band has taken on a slightly more subdued sound to a grittiness I am used to and I love it. It has a passion and a deep emotion in it’s straightforward and clean sound. I can’t wait to hear what else these fellas have up their sleeve.