The 2014 “BIG RED” Recognition Winners Are…

1619080_234554333394684_1785992008_nSay what you want about awards shows or ceremonies or supposed secret cult societies that trying to stick it to the man and only include themselves and their interests (that’s called sarcasm). They get people talking, they put names of wonderful musicians and content in front of a lot of potential customers, fans, or new listeners and further propagate a community, stretching it outward, and spreading the good word of local music in the process. One thing that really struck me this year is how many of the nominated acts were not “Boston acts”. I have made an effort to grow into more of a New England supporting media outlet, and I think solely judging on the inclusion of folks from NY, Rhody, and Connecticut this year that this is in fact the case. Somehow we are growing and only becoming stronger as a community of supportive and amazing musicians. So let’s keep that going and growing into 2015.

Now while I completely agree with this list (everyone listed here is incredibly talented, deserving, and hard working), it is still important to note this isn’t MY list…this is a list from the people. The process was simple. YOU nominate the folks, YOU vote from the nominated artists. I am simply a mechanism by which that happens and my vote only counts once, just like anyone else. Only fair, right?

That being said, it is safe to say, at least in my own mind, that every single person who was nominated in this exercise is a winner. The outpouring of support for one another is absolutely wonderful and a beautiful testament to the good of folks, in a time where a lot of bad seems to be circulating around the world. Every single one of the ‘X’ people who voted are also winners in my book because they gave a damn enough to take some time from their day to make a difference. We will be celebrating these folks with an official award at the 2 Year Anniversary Show on February 28th at the Lizard Lounge.

So…enough of my rambling. Without further adieu, your 2014 Big Red Recognitions are:


Favorite Local Male Songwriter – Mark Whitaker

Favorite Local Female Songwriter- Molly Pinto Madigan

Favorite Rock n’ Rollers – Baker Thomas Band

Favorite Americana/Roots Act – Girls Guns and Glory

Favorite Local Duo – Mark Whitaker and Eva Walsh


Favorite Banjoist – Mark Whitaker

Favorite Fiddler Eva Walsh

Favorite Acoustic Guitar Picker – Sam Reid

Favorite Local Bassist – Tom Bianchi

The Twang Award (Favorite Local Electric Guitarist) – Lyle Brewer

Favorite Local Mandolinist – Jimmy Ryan


Best Supporting Role – Eva Walsh

Favorite Residency – Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge

Favorite Venue – Club Passim

Favorite 2014 Album Release – Dan Blakeslee “Owed to the Tanglin’ Wind”

The Unsung Hero Award – Tom Bianchi