7 Reasons to Go to Krista Baroni’s CD Release at Passim 1/21

Well, if asking someone to be your artist of the month is any indication of how you feel about their music, then you should have guessed that I am in fact a big fan of Ms. Baroni. She releases her new record “The Alabaster Girl” (which I reviewed to much delight here: http://www.redlineroots.com/2015/01/krista-baroni-the-alabaster-girl-album-review/ ) at Club Passim a week from today. If you have heard anything off this album, you don’t need this because you already have tickets, but if you need a little persuading, here you go:

1) Fingerpicking: Now if you are a fingerpicker you know this isn’t your time of year. Cold weather = brittle fingernails. But in this case you got nothing to worry about because this gal knows this already. Her delicately picked guitar over her tunes really create a space in here songs where the stories breathe. Plus, it just sounds real puuuurty.

2) Amazing Songs: Not only can she sing and play, but the girl writes a damn fine story in a song. Sure, its great when you enjoy a melody or the tone of someone’s vocal, but when you are hanging on every word because the stories are beautifully penned, that is something truly special.

3) That Voice: Krista truly has a voice like no other female songwriter doing the singer-songwriter thing that I have heard. She has this register and tone that sits somewhat deeper than most gal singers out there today. It rumbles your heart cage and warms your soul.

4) Passim: After listening to this record and then listening again…and again…and again. I couldn’t think of a better room to release the project. These songs were meant to be heard, meant to be listened to. No better place than the best listening room in the city!

5) Humble folks make the best performances: Krista is not only a tremendous talent, but she is one of the most genuine and modest people I have met in the music industry. Always supporting her friends. I think folks like that shine on stage without even needing to try. And she does!

6) The Stories Shine: Again…listen, take it all in. Close your eyes and let the stories play out behind your eyelids.

7) Ian Fitzgerald: I mean, come on. One of my favorite songwriters of all time opening up for one of my favorite newly appreciated songwriters. You can’t lose there folks!

Ticket link: http://passim.org/club/krista-baroni-cd-release-special-guest-ian-fitzgerald