Album Highlight Friday: The Longwalls “Gold Standard”

Very happy to have had the latest from The Longwalls cross my inbox recently. The bands last record was very well received by this writer’s ears. To quote “The band has presented a adaptive collection of songs ranging from folk to indie rock to avant-garde ambience and back again, blending the best elements of roots/country music with something hip/modern day music fans will appreciate.” “Gold Standard” further presents the band as a strong force that produces some catchy songs with a bit of a punk attitude and grit.

It has a rock edge to it while maintaining a nice pop kind of a vibe. Driving guitars, and and overall warmth to the the tone of the tracks gives it a kind of vintage rock n’ roll feel. But there is attitude here in the fuzzy overdrive sounds.

The Longwalls officially release “Gold Standard” on Tuesday, February 24th, but you can get a sneak peek at it below. Also, the band’s release show for the new album is Saturday, March 7 at Bridge Sound and Stage, Cambridge, MA. Get on down!