INFJ ‘s/t’ Album Review

Scott Thompson was always “the killer guitar player with the pink strat and glasses in Tallahassee” to me. Well, Scott is still that guy, but now he is also a great songwriter, arranger, and producer as well. His ‘s/t’ album under the moniker INFJ with Hayley Simmons taking the vocal responsiblities for the songs that Thompson has penned and arranged.

Press+PhotoThere is a wonderful variety in the 5 tracks contained on this project. “Before Your Time” is a stripped down and cavernous sounding acoustic driven track that puts Simmons’ voice on full display. A gorgeous voice at that. I cannot stress how beautifully mournful and melancholy the song makes me feel. Just gorgeous in its simplicity, but unrestricted and deep in the feelings it emits.

call me up on your last dime
if you’re looking for some peace of mind
we can sit and reminisce about our better times

The follow up to the first track takes on an entirely different feel that still fits wonderfully. A bit more poppy pushed forward by drums, keys, and Scott’s always clever guitar work. There is an exciting build right in the middle, with so many swirling sounds I listen in close to hear the different layers and love it.

5 songs can and do say a lot here in this collection. There is a great variety in the sonic diversity that the duo accomplishes over these songs. When you are able to hone this pop style of song into such a deep emotion, it is truly special. ‘Poignant Pop’…I am coining that phrase right now. I just love listening to these songs over and over again, and you will too…