RLR 2 Year Anniversary Show Artist Spotlight: Smith&Weeden

I recently mentioned that I owe a lot to friends who turn me on to amazing music. Michael Panico’s suggestions probably account for 99.9% of that amazing music. Such is the case with Smith&Weeden.

I had seen the posts, heard him talk about the boys, but it took me meeting Jesse while he was running sound at Newport Folk last year to really dig my teeth into the music of S&W…and boy, am I a f*cking idiot for waiting so long to do so. They say rock n’ roll is dead, well whoever “they” may be obviously have not heard the music of these fellas. The harmonies these fellas manage to lay over country tinged guitar riffs and steady rhythms is really something to marvel at. Rough and tumble, drinking songs sung with absolutely gorgeous harmonies.

Having the boys end the night is an absolute joy and honor for me. The feeling is exponentially better given the fact that the boys feel the same and are happy to be on board (at least thats what Ollie tells me). Get ready…I think there will be a few surprises this night involving Smith&Weeden, other artists, and also perhaps, maybe, just maybe, a golden microphone statue.