The Cover Project : New Compilation Idea

For those that know me well, I guess you would say I hate being idle, before I even complete one project I usually begin or take on 6 new ones. I am in the midst of promoting a studio EP and tracking a home recorded EP for a release on March 25th. Am currently producing not one, but 2 volumes of the Locals Covering Locals project, writing the blog, playing my own shows, planning a mini-festival…and working 50+ hours a week plus commuting (somedays for 5 hours thanks to the trains not working in Boston…but that’s another story).

Another thing that folks who know me well would say is that I love covering songs from friends or songwriters that I have a great respect and admiration for. That’s how the whole Locals Covering Locals project came to fruition in the first place. Well, my pal Brandon Mastrangelo recently posted a cover of a song from one of my favorite songwriters…the one and only Mr. Ryan Adams.

I have covered this tune before, both by myself and with other folks playing along. Brandon’s version is a bit more upbeat and bouncy than the original or my own take on it. Then again, most of my own music is pretty “super minor keyish” or “sad sounding”. But this got me thinking about music and how as musicians we hear or interpret things. Maybe we all hear a song differently or hear what we want that song to sound like a bit differently.

So that leads us to a new idea. An idea for a collection of songwriters to all record their own versions of a pre-determined song, then post them all together to hear how different people interpret the same song.

So what say you songwriters and musician folk…who wants in?