Feature Artist/Album Friday: Caroline Cotter

Caroline Cotter speaks loudly with a soft voice. While delicate and airy , it is also purposeful and strong.

The first track off of her album “Dreaming as I Do” called “Bella Blue” dances a line that I love to walk myself. That careful mix and mingling of folk storytelling and bluegrass arranging. The melodic march of the mandolin, a deep bass pushing from the depths the lightness of Cotter’s gorgeous tone. There is something simple in a repeated chorus line, a story dotting the verses, and fills in the vein of bluegrass music. A beauty in simplicity, the harmonious….ummm, harmony when she harmonizes with herself. It gives me chills.

Caroline makes me smile in this listen and I think she will make you smile too. Check out her record.

She was recently in town and makes trips down this way on occasion so keep an eye on her site for when she swings through next. If you are feeling adventurous, however, she has a Portland CD release show on March 28th at 7:30 at Acoustic Artisans. Tickets are available at acousticartisans.com