Great Show Alert: Port Sounds This Weekend at Gallery 263

Great show this weekend with a bunch of great acts including two of Red Line’s Favorites: Providence’s spooky folk trio and dear friends Haunt the House and the song-singing, guitar pickin’ Dietrich Strause plus a bunch more! Get down to the show, it will not disappoint!


Port Sounds is a two-day folk music festival hosted by Gallery 263 on March 28 & 29.

This year’s festival celebrates the six years that Gallery 263 has opened its doors to emerging bands and independent artists of the New England music scene. In its name and concept, Port Sounds describes the active exchange of ideas, sounds, and art that is ever-present at the Gallery, as well as its location in the neighborhood of Cambridgeport.

The festival line-up features eight acts that reflect the many different avenues that folk and acoustic music takes today. Expect stripped-down deliveries where melody and lyrics are at the fore, and often supported by strong vocal harmonies. Anchoring Saturday’s (March 28) line-up are new Boston favorites, The Western Den, and Portland, ME singer-songwriter Max Garcia Conover. Sunday’s session (March 29) features the poetic lyricism of Dietrich Strause, and a performance from Providence, RI band Haunt the House to round out the New England sound.

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