New Single: Of The Valley “Ride Alone”

There is a moment in the beginning of a song, where its just the instrumentation idling along and you are awaiting that moment when a vocal comes in. The vocal of a singer/songwriter you have never heard before. It can be either an incredible pleasant surprise or a complete letdown. Every so often it REALLY grabs you from the first note. This is one of those songs for me…

There is a longing in singer Brian Dellavalle’s voice. It trembles and quakes to the slow churning music that preceded it, the music I was waiting anxiously through for that voice that would move me. And move me it did. Its expressive and emotion driven, a dreamscape in its arrangements. Whimsy, he isn’t rushing through the feeling here, he is taking his time to unearth what he feels…and its well worth taking the time to listen in deep and let the waves wash over you.