Thank You…

As a musician, or an artist of any sort, there are very few people who will genuinely support you. That’s something I learned the hard way. Through years of feeling sorry for myself or comparing myself to others. Fact of the matter is that the world is flooded with people just like me, or songwriters just like me I suppose. People willing to play crappy gigs for no money that I may not want to play, people willing to put their music out there for free (I guess I am guilty of that too on occasion)…art has shed much of its value because of the world that we live in where you can download a record for free before it even comes out because of the speed that information now travels at (or is stolen).

I still believe that in the reality of all things, there are very few people who will support you, or me, in what we endeavor on. Whether its painting a landscape, shooting portraits, or crafting a song. I am, however, thankful that those people who do support what I try to do with Red Line Roots were around and came out to show that support on Saturday night.

I would be remiss if I tried to name every single person who I believe supports this thing and accidentally left a few names off, so I will just say that Saturday made me realize if there are even only 5 people out there that some of the work I put in through this crazy thing appreciate it, it’s more than well worth it to me.

So, to the few (or the many) thank you so much. I feel the love.

And if you weren’t there, I am sorry you missed such a special evening. It’s your own loss…but mark June 13th in your calendar now because you will have a chance to redeem yourself. Red Line Roots Fest 2015.