Red Line Roots Summer Celebration Artist Announcement: Jay Psaros

jp rlr

(Photo by Andrew Cavanaugh, courtesy of the artist)

We are having a party and you are all invited. June 13th Red Line and a whole bunch of friends will ascend on my favorite venue in the city, Club Passim to celebrate local musician and musicians from Camberville, the Northeast and beyond. This, ladies and gentlemen, is our first announcement.

The first time I saw Jay Psaros play guitar my jaw hit the floor. It’s as if Buckethead and Bob Dylan had a musical love baby and it came out as this guy. Jay writes great, pensive tunes and plays his acoustic guitar like a bat out of hell, with a tapping style that hits like a hurricane and lyrics that dig deep into your chest.

He isn’t just another dude singing songs with a guitar, or even just another really talented musician. Jay “get its”. He is the type who can hit a stage by himself and completely captivate an audience, or completely improvisationally and on the spot, hop up on the stage and play along with friends…without ever hearing the song before. An artist after my own heart.

On top of all that talent, if there was ever a guy with his heart in the right place for music, Psaros is it. He also has his hands in booking shows to showcase local musicians and runs his own label, PB & Jay Records.

Multi-faceted, multi-talented, and we are damn lucky to have him joining in on the fun at Club Passim on June 13th for our Red Line Roots Summer Celebration. Welcome aboard and to the family Mr. Psaros!