Track of the Week: Christopher Paul Stelling “Scarecrow”

I never thought this before, but I hear hints of Damien Rice in very certain inflections in Christopher’s voice. Its not frequent and certainly not a general comparison I would make. Maybe its just because I was at a Rice concert and have been eating up this new track from Christopher Paul Stelling the past couple days. That being said, CPS is a unique and individual songwriter and performer. One that doesn’t come around often but leaves a mark on all those who witness him sing and play.


Stelling is one of the most sincere and honest singers I have ever heard. He simply lays his voice out there. Unrolls the carpet, dust and debris included, and just puts it all out there. His voice is beautiful in a gruff and raw sort of a way. I just believe him and the conviction in every phrase. This tune in particular is a rambling, but lightheaded sort of a dance. Some really special stuff to come from this guy as the remainder of this new album comes out.