Track of the Week: The Marshall Pass “Maggie”

You can head over to Duncan Arsenault’s musical bloggings page to read up on the whole story behind this song, but fair warning, I broke down into tears and sobbed like a baby when I did. Hint: its about his dead dog. Dude, you just ripped my heart out.

Featuring a slew of his super talented pals (including Jeremy and Brooks from the super groovy The Curtis Mayflower), this is a great tune with a lot of heart and that Springsteen-esque hollow harmonica thing going on. It adds to the sense of yearning and longing for something lost.

Textures and building is all I can say. Picking of the dobro, the keys, the vocals and harmonies. Its just a giant, wonderful, pile of excellently recorded and played parts.

Very cool stuff here. The song very successfully represents this space inbetween emotions. Bittersweet. You can’t really call it a sad song or a happy song, it just kind of is there for the consumption. And consume I shall.

Cheers to Duncan Arsenault for pulling this tune together. Great stuff as always.


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