9 Questions to Newport: Molly Tuttle (of The Goodbye Girls)

It makes me really happy to see that Newport is filling their bluegrass quota…and with young and exciting acts to boot.

The Goodbye Girls are a fairly new act to the world playing music that draws its roots from years and years back…and is made up of some fantastic veteran players in the community. Singer and guitarist, Molly Tuttle just so happens to be one of them. This gal has made her way around the festival circuit for many years. A champion of a picker and a beautiful voice that harkens back to the golden age of bluegrass…though with young acts like this the golden age of the genre may just be today. I caught up with Molly for another edition of 9 Questions to Newport and I cannot wait to see these ladies at the Fort on Friday the 24th!


1) For the fine folks who may not be as familiar with your work, how would you sum up your sound in a short phrase (10-15 words)?

MT: Original songs centered around acoustic guitar with bluegrass and folk influences.

2) What projects are you currently working on or have you recently released?

MT: I am planning a solo album right now to hopefully be released next year. The Goodbye Girls recorded a six song EP called “Going to Boston” that came out last summer and I also did an EP with fiddle player John Mailander that came out last February.

3) Newport Folk is celebrated for its collaborations, community and bringing folks together for a weekend where they may not see each other otherwise. How do you feel about that preservation of unity and family sentiment in the folk music community? How does it play into your own music and where you come from? Is there a “scene” or community that you feel especially attached to?

MT: I grew up in the bluegrass community and am still very attached to that world. I think the unity, support and feeling of being one big family is what draws a lot of people to folk and bluegrass gatherings. It is such a special tradition for people of all ages and backgrounds to be able to play together on familiar songs that have been around for generations. To me one of the most important aspects of playing music is connecting with others and I try to keep that in mind when I am playing in a group.

4) Do you have a favorite moment on stage from your career? Something that just stands out as special and has given you the urge to keep on going.

MT: Getting to play at Strawberry Music Festival with my family when I was 16 or 17 was a huge highlight for me. That whole weekend in the beautiful Yosemite campground surrounded by forests, music and friends was so magical. That experience really encouraged me to keep pursuing my dream.

5) If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive) musically, who would it be?

MT: Olla Belle Reed

6) 1 record that shaped you when you first started playing and 1 ‘lesser known’/indepdent record or artist that you are now/are listening to now that you think folks really need to hear about?

MT: The first album I remember being heavily influenced by was the self titled Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard album. That is still one of my favorites to go back and listen to. A lesser known artist I am really into right now is Sam Amidon.

7) So, why is creating music important to you? Why do you hit the stage night after night, pull out the old song notebook every day, or whatever else you do to let loose your creativity?

MT: Music helps me express myself and stay grounded. Whether I am writing a song, improvising a solo, listening to music or playing with others I try to stay present and tap into my feeling and surroundings for inspiration. That feeling of connectedness and openness brings me a lot of joy and drives me to keep playing and creating.

8) Aside from music, do you have any other pastimes? What would you want people to know about you aside from your musical endeavors?

MT: I love to read and write.

9) Anything else you want to plug or we should know?

MT: Check my website for videos upcoming shows and more! www.mollytuttle.net also check out the Goodbye Girls at www.thegoodbyegirlsmusic.com