Track of the Week: Anna Snow “Come with Me”

More and more folks have been coming my way via my good pal and the Unsung Hero of our little songwriting community (I mean, he does have the golden trophy to prove it and all) Tom Bianchi. His Lizard Open Mic hosts some of the best new talent in town, many of which I have not heard before, so thanks Tom for turning me onto new artists. Anna Snow is one of those such artists.

The title track off of Anna Snow’s most recent release, starts of with a slow, lumbering trudge of the picking of an acoustic guitar which slowly unravels with a host of other parts and Anna’s voice inserting itself, just at the right time. The xylophone-esque and wood block tapping are just the right additions to ever so slightly deepen the melancholy mood. The literary devices throughout picture a foggy pond in the mist of a forest or some spot off the beaten path when things are silent except for your own mind. She sings about yearning and waiting for someone to pick up the pieces, but the hope that things might be better.

I came down / Out of the fog
Tell me how’d you wait so long / How did you wait so long
For me to pick up the crumbs / You scattered when an age was done
When an age was done / And you said come along come with me
But I have flown away so quickly

She exclaims “When you said I need you here” and hits that high note at the “I” with perfect intonation and feeling. The more I listen, the more I am drawn into Snow’s voice. She sings quite lovely and I dig the whole arrangement.