Locals Covering Locals 2: Dinty Child Covers Sean Staples “New Memories” Now Streaming

Dinty Child comes with a lot of baggage…and I mean that in the most positive and literal sense possible. When Dint comes for a studio session he shows up with a pile of instruments and the unrivaled talent to play each and every one of them in ways that are interesting and creative and just plain wonderful. When Dint showed up for his LCL session he did just that, with an electric guitar, pedal board, mandocello, pump organ and great tune by Sean Staples in tow, I knew it was going to be a special day.

The track plays out a lot like the session did, it slowly built and built, and it just eased into itself. Dinty started with that warm and ringing tone of the ‘cello and floated his naturally pleasing voice over the top of it. There is something about his voice that is so fantastic. It’s strong but comforting, it feels so unforced but it forces a feeling upon you. Relaxed and purposeful and it brought this tune to a new height for me.

We were also lucky enough to have the fantastic Sarah Borges hanging around the studio when Dinty was recording as well and Dint had plans for her. She harmonizes with him on the chorus and follows the wandering pump organ line with her voice on the instrumental portion. The juxtaposition of Sarah’s usually gritty and badass bluesy voice with the gentle touches of Child’s voice and playing, man oh man, it just slayed me.

Check it out! Dinty is a musical magician.