Track of the Week: Carlin Tripp “Hands of Love”

I caught Carlin Tripp opening up the Barn Show down in Plymouth this past weekend with Eva Walsh and Billington Sea.

10352944_701358016659352_8715228119951538196_nCarlin had a humble stage presence and just seemed overall delighted to be there. It was a great show, a huge turnout, and all the sets I caught that night were great.

Carlin has kind of a Guster, Dispatch, summertime acoustic guitar vibe to his music and it was a really great opening for what would be a fantastic evening of music the eve of the first day of summer. Great guitar playing and a soft and sensitive vibe to his voice.

Billington Sea’s Hayley Sabella didn’t join Tripp for this tune on Saturday evening, but she did on his last release, so here you go. Your track of the week, Carlin Tripp’s “Hands of Love” featuring Hayley Sabella. Crushing it…man, I am wishing this happened that night. Maybe next time guys???