Track of the Week: Jo Henley “Deep in the Dirt”

I have known the band Jo Henley for many years now. There is something about Andy Campolieto that always screamed “rock star” to me, even if his music was more geared on the folk end. He just exuded this confidence in his music, he knew who he was and his presence is larger than life (also, he is pretty tall).

With the acoustic guitar and Campolieto’s vocal as the anchor for the ship that is their music, a sea of instrumentation rises and falls around it all. Foggy and dreamlike with ringing, ambient guitars and this intertwining of all the parts…

This tune is the type that gives me this warming sensation in my chest and overtakes me with this excited tremble. Not knowing whats around the next bend of the listening experience. The way that the arrangement builds around the chorus and Andy’s harmonies in tandem with Hayley Sabella’s works so damn well. I love it. There is a warmth across all aspects of the tune, its earthy and rootsy, but has it’s heightened pieces as well, maintaining an excitement and unknowing where it will turn next.

Oh, and look, they even have a killer video for the tune to boot. Check it out and all of the music from these guys. They are great.