Track of the Week: Sarah Eide ‘Forgiveness (When These Things Come To Pass)”

0004725107_10There is a delicate feel to this tune. A piano always kind of does that to me, but there is a building and a tension that is powerful and moving. The hesitant entrance of the fiddle and the locomotive snare in the background. The song moves up and down, coming back to the piano melody ever so often to keep things tied tight. The instrumental really makes the tune. It feels loose while still being a very solid arrangement.

Eide’s vocal is both pleasant and unassuming. It’s pretty while remaining simple and not over-sung. I really like listening to her voice. She allows her voice off the leash every so often as it jumps and prances over the music, showing you she has range but uses it sparingly and therefore is even more purposeful.

I want to know you,
and not like others do
not like looking through
that twisted glass
called pleasantries and politeness
I just want to know you

This is just a taste of the great, sometimes jazzy and sometimes piano pop, music that this gal has to offer. Check her out today.