30 Days Til Newport: Day 15 – Joe Fletcher and John McCauley in the Museum

If you have been keeping up with these daily Newport countdowns you have probably guessed my favorite stage…if not, then shocker: its been the Museum stage. One of the most beautiful things about NFF is the unplanned, the unscheduled, the unleashing of pop up performances and ad hoc kind of sets that happen. You can see Jeff Tweedy on the Fort stage or 5 feet from him playing acoustic in the museum.


In this particular instance, McCauley was running a bit late. Knowing Deer Tick‘s party reputation I think most folks assumed he had a little TOO much fun at the Blues Cafe the night before. So Joe Fletcher stepped in and played a couple of songs with his band before McCauley came running in with a guitar in hand. He announced that he “was on drugs…cough and cold medicine” because he had been battling an awful cold the past few days, but still hopped up there, powered through and delivered a killer, intimate set in the Museum. He even performed a couple along with our good pal Mr. Fletcher.

Another thing I love above Newport, the collaborations, the brotherly (and sisterly) love between artists, fans, and the wonderful people who put this all together.