Track of the Week: Honeysuckle “Josephine”

11264815_869309076438727_5483413028456551875_nThe tune kicks in with a spiraling whirlwind of strings, building up and up, until it breaks beautifully into Holly McGarry’s vocal and a single strummed guitar. Her voice feels aged well beyond her years. Tender, but warm and honeyed with the slightest touch of rootsy goodness. There is a blend of jazz and folk in her delivery and annunciation. Beautiful, truly.

The ability to take what is so often instruments used in a simple fashion to create an exciting and dynamic landscape that rise and falls. Thumping along in percussive jubilee as their harmonies dance over a thoughtful arrangement that moves and sways.

Josephine don’t you think you went too far?
They mistook your innocence for charm
But now the sick moon’s on the rise
I see the horizon’s got it in his jaws
There are ghosts who live inside these walls
I wonder if you walk these halls anymore

There is a keen focus on harmonies, but also the impact of where the lyrics fall within the song. Haunting in some fashion, but charming in their delicate simplicity. Story songs of sorts, weaving intricate tales in just a few words.

Wonderful things are to come from this young group. I can feel it. Be sure to check Honeysuckle out for yourself.