Track of the Week: American Elm “This is ‘Where Are We Going?’ Not ‘Where Have We Been?”

Splattered with intertwining guitar notes and Chris Bousquet’s vocal ringing out, our track of the week “This is ‘Where Are We Going?’ Not ‘Where Have We Been?” is a memorable one.

There is a deep embedded ache in Bousquet’s voice. You can feel it down in the trenches of his soul and through the crack in his voice. It feels natural. I really dig his voice, there is something very different about it, but at the same time not so different that I don’t go back and listen again and again. Not distracting, just nice to listen to and experience.

The tune meanders through that note, note, note pattern and then breaks for when Chris breaks into the chorus it falls out. A nice progression and pull that takes you through the story. There is a lot of space happening with just a few parts in the  I hear hints of The Beatles. Maybe some dashes of The Byrds or even some Dylan in the mix. Thinking more contemporary, he is vocally reminiscent of The Kooks in some fashion…I am getting a UK influence here.

Check out this tune and the rest of American Elm’s latest release for yourself!