First Listen: Tom McBride “Tremblin Again”

Sometimes you listen to a song for the first time and everything just falls into place. The sound and the dynamics of the track perfectly blend to envelope this very pillowy kind of feeling around your head. Tom McBride‘s ‘Tremblin Again’ encompasses that feeling for me.

There is a comfort in the listening experience of McBride’s song. The mix is soft, blending in all of the pieces into a perfect, warm, but clear sonic delivery that just feels good to me. Tom’s voice is really beautiful and strong. He sings in an effortless croon that is on point with each line. The faint line of the electric guitar dotted the end of each phrasing and the rhythm section laying a smooth pavement for the song to roll along to.

Tom McBride releases his latest record “Colombia” TOMORROW (October 27th) and the pre-order link can be found right here:¬†

If the rest of the album is anything like this one, I would say that’s money well spent.