Track of the Week: Margo and the Pricetags “This Town Gets Around”

When I was first introduced to Margo Price at the Newport Folk Festival this past July it took my brain a while to digest what I had just been through. Price’s talents as a singer and her charm, wit, and sheer power on stage are an assault on your senses. To know this gal’s music is to love this gal’s music and I (along with everyone crowded into the Museum) was eager to shell out any cost for all that she was selling that day on stage at Fort Adams.

“This Town Gets Around” is a honky-tonking good time with a play on the seriousness of the state of the music industry. In humor driven, but all too serious notion, Price proclaims:

Well as the saying goes its not who you,

but its who you blow that’ll put you in the show

When she later sings out: Maybe I’d be smarter if I played dumbĀ , you get that she has a knack for a great line and a delivery that cuts deep. The band is prime and pro behind her as she sings, with the moaning steel, chicken pickin’ tele, and soaring fiddle. The dynamic of the tune is great and the one liners you pick up along the way are numerous in the song’s short 3 minute span.

Until Price’s release (on Jack White’s Third Man Records, no less) in the hopefully not so distant future I will just have to continue driving up the Youtube views on live takes like this one. Then again, with how electric this singer-songwriter and the band are in a live setting, how could I possibly make any complaints. Even though Price doesn’t have any New England dates on the books currently you should get to know this gal now…I urge you.