Newport Folk Early Bird Tickets On Sale December 2!!!

Well, if you go and look most of the hotels in Newport are already booked up or astronomically expensive. The surrounding area’s hotel rooms are dwindling and I would make a bet that although its cold and snow is inevitable, those who think ahead about camping arrangements probably already have their campground plots locked down. Yes indeed, it is the time of planning for NFF 2016.


With tickets going on sale the whirling of who I want to play is spinning around my head. The short list includes Dave Rawlings Machine, Caitlin Canty, Jeffrey Foucault, and Smith&Weeden for some local folk fest love. Of course old favorites are on that list as well and with excellent releases this year veterans such as RayLand Baxter, Ryan Adams’ 1989 (ala Taylor Swift), John Moreland and Aaron Lee Tasjan would be a welcome addition to the roll out line up. But alas, we shall have to wait and see. But, in the meanwhile…

Early bird tickets go on sale DECEMBER 2 at 10 AM…then ALL tickets are on sale soon after. Links are below. Start opening your browsers and refreshing constantly now…

To keep you occupied, watch my recap of 2015 with special thank you’s from the artists.

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2-DAY –

Friday Single Day –

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