Listen to this: Sean Trischka “The Shuffle”

The name “Trischka” carries a certain amount of weight in circles I tend to run in. But, when you listen to Sean Trischka‘s lastest release you find that the songwriter opts for snare rolls instead of banjo rolls…which I am just fine with.

Trischka has a very experimental vibe on his full length record “The Shuffle”. Grooves and implementation of a plethora of sounds and inspirations dot the landscape of song. Hints of blues and jazz and pop all weave their way into the sounds that make up this collection of tracks. Sean’s obvious sense of rhythm and time is a strong defining feature of the entire work. One thing is undeniable, this stuff moves and enforces movement in the listener as a result.

Perhaps Trischka’s voice is the most surprising aspect of the record. Dude can sing. His falsetto on “Don’t Cry” shows us a bit of the Justin Timberlake soul that lays inside this dude (I mean that in a good way). He has swagger and style with his voice, a Motown throwback vibe of sorts. Its just that “thing”, I don’t know what it really is, but it kind of makes you feel good when you hear it.

Another thing that is also clear is surrounded by talent in his musical life. With guest appearances by local musicians ranging from Lula Wiles Isa Burke and Ellie Buckland, local bluegrass-metal hybrid guitarist Stash Wyslouch and even “that other Trishcka” gent paints the cross section of tracks with a collective that samples from a variety of different places. It really adds a ton to the collection, giving it a diverse sound and voice and feels a lot like I imagine the sessions went for recording this: just a good time creating some pretty cool sh*t among friends.

The songwriter pays homage to, what I imagine was ever present in his upbringing, and while electric, the tune Jar of Stars has a very Celtic, fiddle tune vibe to it but with new life courtesy of the keys and electrified vibrancy it is given. The guy has a way of taking something old and tried and true, not necessarily changing it completely but giving it a sound that excites it, challenges it, makes it unique but familiar all at the same time.

Give this a listen. It is damn well worth your time…and I am still bopping my head to these great jams.