Video Premiere: Cameron Gunn “Southern Winds”

Cameron Gunn is a songwriter with his roots planted on the west coast and now resides in the Vancouver area. Not quite Americana, but not fully fitting that pop sound, the musician blends and breaks barriers to create his own uptempo roots sound that is enjoyable but also focused on acoustic instrumentation and story-telling.

The writer has a very interesting and unique mix to his sound. Blendign traditional folk and bluegrass instrumentation, courtesy of the fiddle, with a percussive pop rock kind of a vibe complete with congas and bongos. The latter really driving the song along like a Jack Johnson or Ben Harper kind of a song might evoke in the listener. Vocally, Gunn has a very pleasing midrange and warmth to his voice. It feels very natural when he sings and the break in his voice has tinges of heartache but isn’t overly emotional, a nice balance.

The video has stunning visuals and environments from the musician’s current surroundings. A very raw and organic feel to the video compliments the songwriter’s voice well…check it out.

Cameron Gunn will be releasing his new self-titled album, on February 29, 2015, and will be performing that same night, along with all other Risque Disque artists, at the label’s official launch. The songwriter is labeled ‘a highly prolific and versatile Gulf Island songwriter, is known on the West Coast and abroad for his powerful voice and profound lyrics that drift seamlessly over his unique claw-hammer guitar style. The soul that emanates from within his music has won the hearts of audiences all over the world, where he’s played everything from small venues to large festivals.’