Peep This: Alec Hutson “Apolcalypse Love” Video

Alec Hutson has one of those voices. It’s arresting, it surprises, it captures your attention when you first hear it and grips you to continue listening. The songwriter also happens to be just as talented in the visual arts and some of his poster and design work has really grabbed me in a similar way in the past. His latest video is no different.

Of the video Hutson states,”I found a couple databases of creative commons archived footage online and mixed them together the way I would have using my own footage.” The result is a blending of sky scapes and land scapes, people and animals, color and black and white that is both jarring and engaging, different but blended. He has managed to just make it work. He continues on saying that, “it was an interesting exercise because I was limited by what was available, which happened to be a lot of war imagery. It kindof helped to shape the meaning of the song”.

Check out the latest from singer-songwriter Alec Hutson and be sure to check him out at our upcoming 3 Year Anniversary after party at Bull McCabes on February 20th with Spotted Tiger.