Ruby Rose Fox “Jordan River” Video Sparkles Gold In More Ways Than One

Ruby Rose Fox BMA2016 has been the year where I was schooled. Schooled, educated, informed, whatever you want to call it. I was *that* in the ways of Ruby Rose Fox and I have been kicking my ass every since for not diving into all that is Fox and her music. Her voice is un-f*cking-believable. She is a machine. A soul making, powerhouse machine of talent and jazzy smoothness. There is nothing else out there today like this gal.

Like many Boston-based musicians, Fox has provided an entry in the ever-growing-in-popularity NPR Tiny Desk contest. What strikes me most about the singer-songwriter’s NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission (and I have seen a ton, filmed one, and anticipate more coming out of Boston) is that the star isn’t necessarily Ruby, per se. I mean, sure its undeniable that she shines like the golden outfits donned by her and her crew, but its never pretentious. She uses the voices of singers Julia Mark, Mally Smith and Colleen McNamara to build and build upon the concrete foundation she has already laid with that voice, that insanely unique and beautiful voice. Never trying to complicate or outshine, but remaining in close knit harmony and balance between her and the piano and the gorgeous tapestry that the trio lays down for her. And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

The context of the writing of this song goes even deeper. You need to really listen to this one. ***And pick it up on bandcamp while you are at it  (proceeds benefit Black Lives Matter).

Listen to this and don’t get chills, I dare you. Seriously.