First Listen: Brian Wright Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1

The past two nights I have the extreme pleasure of being introduced to Brian Wright, his music, and his supporting abilities to his friend and contemporary, Aaron Lee Tasjan. It’s funny how those artists that you dig and like tend to take a few listens to in order to warm up to, but the ones that knock you straight in the face and become favorites do so almost instantaneously. So is the case with Wright.

His Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 record is simple in its ideal and layout, but complex in its impact. The arrangements are sparse, glimmers of acoustic guitar and harmonica and warm harmonies, but each and every word is sharp and deeply slices the air that it passes through. Wright’s voice is natural and easy going. He has this uninhibited and relaxed feel to it, it sits just right. Almost like a conversation of stories being told in the comfort of your favorite easy chair, but captivating all the same.

All the common themes you expect from the blood in the veins of Americana songwriting hit in the 8 song collection, but his songwriting is on point. Man its some good stuff. I think its a safe bet to say that Wright’s Rooster sessions (and hopefully the follow up volumes) will become instant classics in my collection from a dark horse writer that came to me in the back channels of “listen to this guy and find this guy” fashion. An instant favorite and one hell of a writer. Give it a spin today.