Show You Should Know: Twisted Pine and Suitcase Junket at Great Scott (6/10)

Tonight not one, but two fantastic acts will grace Allston’s Great Scott.

We have describe the Suitcase Junket as “a tapestry of sound that 10 men could not successfully concur up” and Twisted Pine as a band that “takes traditional bluegrass and applies often Punch Brothers-esque arrangements and incredible, high flying feats of virtuosity to their playing style”. A combination that gives you two different sets that will knock your socks off in equally exciting manners.

To prime you for the show check out the videos below. While the show is a release celebration for Lorenz’s latest effort Dying Star, a little songbird told me that Twisted Pine will have something new and special available at the show for folks to purchase for their listening pleasure. But don’t take my word for it, get out to the show and check it out.

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