Fresh Track: The Silks “Let It Ride”

Some music just makes you feel good. A bluesy rock n’ roll riff that straight punches you in the face and makes you beg for more. That’s what Providence’s The Silks bring to the table.

Singer-guitarist Tyler-James Kelly has a voice like no other. There is a grit and rough and tumble nature to his vocal that matches his howling slide guitar work and infectious riffs. Sand papered and whiskey stained, the emotion that creeps through the cracks in the surface, its just some heavy stuff that makes you want to move. It’s hard to believe the band is just a trio with the sheer volume of sound that they bring to the table. And I don’t mean in a way that encompasses some sort of “we can be loud so we will be” ideaology. No, there is a purpose to each lifting note or increase in the energy poured from the band. It just sounds like so much more than a bass, a drum, a guitar is going on. The harmonies are on point and HUGE.

As a whole the record brings so much to the table. Allman Brothers style guitar antics to swampy delta, low hanging blues that skims across the arrangement of the track. “Let It Ride” is the first track off the album and lends itself more to the rock side of things. With a heavy lead in and a melody and repeated chorus line that is catchy as all f*ck. The riff trailing under Kelly’s voice forcibly moves you to a head bob and foot stomp. The entrance of harmony vocals in the verse that picks up the fervor of the song. Building and building. Its just…so…damn…good. Give a listen to it now and buy the record. The weather is getting colder and The Silks bluesy rock style is just the thing to heat you up.

You can pick up the whole record on Bandcamp RIGHT HERE. Do it.