Lightning Striking: “Natalie” from Alec Hutson’s Thunder & Lightning is Electric

Alec Hutson is borderland musician. His sound touches the fringes of a variety of subsets, he doesn’t quite fit into any concrete form or mold that we have set for genres and tastes in current times. A bit rock, a bit roots and with undeniable bluesy-jazz swagger. An artist who can be seen in many forms, be it a more rootsy approach, barefoot with a suitcase drum and his trusty acoustic guitar, a trio with jazzy inflections as he croons smooth and sultry over intricate guitar runs and brushed snares or in the case of the track “Natalie” off of his latest release “Thunder & Lightning”, in a purely striking and electric fashion that really catches the listener.

I’ve heard this song in many incarnations. That rootsy approach in the loft of the Red homestead barn for instance and of course with his trio. That¬†adaptability that he beholds is something worth noting as a performer, but alas, we are here to highlight the song.

Hutson’s vocal commands a power like few other male singers I have come across. “Powerhouse” has typically been a term I reserved and only used in context of female blues/soul singers, but man does Alec’s voice deserve the moniker. His range and tone is gorgeous and forceful in the same breath. There is an unbridled energy in how we pushes the entire arrangement forward with his vocal…its staggering.

There is a rock feel to the recording of the song. With electric guitars ringing out, the bass and drums hitting especially hard during the break in the tune. And man, if it isn’t infectious as f*ck. Alec manages to take pop sentimentality in how catchy and memorable his tunes are and mix that with a more indie, rock n’ roll attitude that feels authentic and genuine and full of heart, passion and his whole self.

Give this track a listen and then get the rest of the record. It may come in the latter half of the year as a release but is one of the strongest local records I have heard this year.