Show You Should Know: Arc Iris Lizard Lounge “Moon Saloon” CD Release (10/13)

Arc Iris has been gracing the Lizard Lounge with their music for a while now. It seems each time they swing through Cambridge, MA they find themselves blessing the basement room with their brand of glam rock, complete with theatrics and costumes…its a wonder the room doesn’t collapse in on itself with all the energy the band brings with its performances.

Arc Iris will again descend the stairs into the red hue and carpet lined floors to celebrate the release of their latest effort Moon Saloon on October 13th…thats tomorrow night folks. Already garnering some great press and features from video premieres with NPR , Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan, to track features on Spin magazines site, “Moon” further shows that the band is not slowing down when it comes to their creativity and unleashing their artistic vision (both audible and visual) on the world.

In anticipation of tomorrow evening’s show at Lizard Lounge, check out this video release of “Paint With the Sun” off of Moon Saloon. Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jocie Adams’s haunting and gorgeous voice streaks its colors across the canvas of the track, that is laid out almost orchestrally by the remainder of the band. There is an innate innocence in her vocal that is impossible to not be drawn to. It floats amongst layers and layers of sonic dreamscapes. Big sounds and textures always seem to enter into the bands music, but there is a blending of genres and sounds here in particular that is really something dynamic and special. Its rock. Its folk. Its something all its own…and the visuals are what we have come to expect from the band. Wonderfully strange and vibrant. Check it out and get your tickets to the CD release celebration at Lizard Lounge RIGHT HERE. And head on over to to check out all the tour dates the band currently has slated.