Show You Should Know: Great American Canyon Band, Atwood’s Tavern (11/17)

Great American Canyon Band, fronted by Paul and Krystal Masson, are making the trek up from Baltimore (by way of shows in DC and NYC) to play Atwood’s Tavern on Thursday night. While both are Baltimore natives, Paul spent a year or two here in Boston honing his songcraft at Lizard Lounge. That was eight or nine years ago, and they’re back in Boston touring behind their acclaimed album Only You Remain; it’s a mesmerizing exploration of connection and distance, with spare lyrics and a lush sound. Paul and Krystal share the vocals on most songs, and their interplay is a key piece of how the band achieves a sound that is both urgent and contemplative. One track that jumps out to me in this respect is “Come Home,” which builds to the central emotion of the singer: “Baby, I’m in hell,” but has this layered vocal backing that underscores that the feeling is a swirl, not a fixed state.


The songs that are getting the most play are “Crash” and the title track, “Only You Remain.” Here is a stripped-down version of “Crash” recorded in a Zipcar and this awesome version of one of my favorites, “Undertow,” with just Krystal and Paul:


Tickets are here. GACB is supporting Hoots and Hellmouth. Get out there, Boston.