Show You Should Know: TONIGHT! Ian Fitzgerald CD Release at Columbus Theatre (Providence)

I could just leave it at: go to this show, buy this record at said show and you will have the best record of the year. Ian Fitzgerald‘s “You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone” is pure brilliance, opens up the songwriter’s sonic palette and stays keenly focused on songwriting that is nothing short of magnificent. But I can’t just say that because this evening a truly magical concert of fantastic musicianship and songwriting will take root in the upstairs theatre at the Columbus in Providence. I also would have to mention that you should go to this show and pick up the TWO best records of the year as Zach Schmidt and his band are also on the bill…but wait, one of New Englands finest will also be on the bill and Haunt the House is sure to leave the room completely silent aside from the flutter of your heart as it breaks and swoons to Will Houlihan’s songs and lyrics.

I could leave it there…and I guess I will. But check out these live videos below because songs and performances can speak more about the profound beauty and badassery that Providence will feel rumble through its core tonight. Get your tickets HERE or show up and get them at the door (but bring cash…as door is typically no credit cards and bring a little extra to pick up some merch and records from these fine folks).