Ron Gallo Is My F*cking Hero: “Please Yourself” Video

A wirey beanstalk of an artist type in a red jacket walks down the street spouting a quick fire poetic finger up at the audacity and self importance of modern culture and societal norms.

“all of our expression is uniform / all of our food is mostly chloroform

its not even a secret, its easily accessible just like anything on the planet

and no one really minds, it just a sign of the times”

A camera continues to follow Gallo through the downtown streets of Nashville proper, weaving through a crowd at a busy intersection on Broadway, tourists taking selfies in front of well known establishments and eager to squeeze into a honky tonk or some “authentic” cowboy boots crafted in some Pac-rim country that they can wear home to their suburban lifestyles and impress all their friends. A truck quickly stops and Ron hops in the back, grabs a guitar and for a riveting minute and 26 seconds the band lets the flood gates open (just before the blue flashing lights appear and the truck quickly makes and exit left).

For a quick moment in time Gallo and his merry men (and getaway driver) make a statement to the onlookers that speaks volumes, even if they are unaware at the time. In an area usually reserved for a certain sect, he unleashes his own brand of protest rock and anti-adherance to the norms on unsuspecting ears/

Gallo may not blatantly be saying “FUCK YOU” to the establishment, but he sure as hell is questioning its value and motive…or maybe he is. That’s what we love so much about him, he keeps us constantly guessing what will come next and rocks our world in the process.

Gallo’s next release, Heavy Meta, will be released on February 3 on New West Records. Pre-order it today.