Show You Should Know: Jim and Sam at The Middle East 12/19

Beginning November 3rd 2016, Los Angeles based duo Jim and Sam embarked on The Anywhere Everyday Tour where they plan to play one show every day for a year. Yes, every day. Yes, for a year. Yes, no days off! This is not your average tour. Jim and Sam will play everything from traditional music venues to comedy shows, nonprofits, TV shows, private parties, schools, Alamos, factories, under the stars, across the blue ocean and anywhere in between.  

Ummmm….whaaaaaaat? Yes, that is right, the duo is playing everyday for an entire year. 365 days, 365 shows. I marvel at musicians who play 200 shows a year, hit the road hard and give it their all every day, but this is beyond the realm of being impressed, this is a feat of will power, resilience and mental strength (and perhaps a border on insanity).

Jim and Sam have a haunting sensibility about their music. The blending of voices, natural percussion and picked instruments is captivating and alluring. I am a sucker for that line between beauty and curiosity, the cavern that is creating by musical textures and vocal harmonies that soar. The duo excel at this and their live show proves to be just as (if not more) enchanting as their recordings.


If all this wasn’t enough, our old pal Jake Hill will be taking a break from all that cooking and baking of delicious things to open the show up. Hill is not only a fantastic songwriter, a poignant and honest singer, but he is also a charming and engaging as an on stage presence. 

Get your tickets for the show here…and keep an eye out for the rest of the year as Jim and Sam take the world by force with this tour.